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Why is Gragnano Pasta the Best Pasta in the World?

//Why is Gragnano Pasta the Best Pasta in the World?

Why is Gragnano Pasta the Best Pasta in the World?

Gragnano is a quaint community situated in the Campania region, on the hilltops between Monti Lattari and the beautiful Amalfi Coast. While Italy is widely recognized for the birth of pasta, this delicious cuisine actually originated in Gragnano. Long ago, pasta was considered “white gold” in Gragnano but due to famines and droughts, there were major setbacks that slowed down the mass production of pasta. However, in the 18th century, Pasta di Gragnano became the first “proper” brand which was sold mostly in local towns nearby. When people discuss pasta from Gragnano, it’s often synonymous with “maccheroni” which is one of the most famous types of pasta in the world.

How the Area of Gragnano Impacts the Pasta

The climate in Gragnano is a healthy mix of wind, sun and humidity which has a major influence on how the wheat is cultivated. Additionally, there is a very strict development process which is still used today by many. In fact, in 2013, the European Union announced that this specific type of pasta needs to be produced by a legally defined area that the King of Napoli declared acceptable to produce Pasta Di Grgnano in two centuries ago.

In addition to this, it’s required that the dough is extruded through rough bronze forms. After this process, it takes shape, and should be dried at low temperatures. This, in turn, creates one of the best pastas in the world.

Gragnano is situated on the gorgeous Gulf of Naples with an altitude between 350 and 600 meters. The water here is less calcareous and because of the slightly damp climate, pasta can dry slowly. Due to the slow drying process, proteins and nutrients are safeguarded which retains the texture and flavor.  The drum wheat flour also has a major influence over the pasta which affects the protein content and it’s of the highest quality wheat. Most pastas contain about 11.5% protein while Pasta di Gragnano has about 13%.

Come to Assaggio for Boston’s Best Pasta

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