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5 Critical Facts About Veal & Why You Should Try Ours

//5 Critical Facts About Veal & Why You Should Try Ours

5 Critical Facts About Veal & Why You Should Try Ours

At Assaggio, we aren’t your typical North End Italian restaurant. Our renowned chefs create unique, mouth-watering dishes that are more than just your standard spaghetti and meatballs. We offer a slew of pasta dishes along with plenty of meat and seafood dinners.

One of our popular dishes is our Veal Chop which comes stuffed with Parma prosciutto & Italian fontina. See how we add a clever twist to a traditional dinner? The saltiness of the prosciutto really highlights the flavor of the veal!

If you’re new to veal or just want to learn a bit more about this delicious, tender meat, read below!

  1. Veal is Packed with Protein – Veal offers an abundance of nutrients such as protein, zinc, niacin and B12. The combination of protein and B12 helps to increase energy levels while zinc boosts the immune system.
  2. Veal is Healthier than Beef – Veal should be eaten in moderation as it does have cholesterol but it has only about 2.15 grams of saturated fat.
  3. Veal is Great for Your Digestion – Since veal is tender, it’s absorbed in the digestive system quite easily.
  4. Veal is Graded – There are several grades of veal including prime, choice, good, standard and utility.
  5. Veal Can Be Cooked in Numerous Ways – Typically breaded, a veal loin can be roasted in the oven, broiled, grilled or pan fried.

Why You Should Try the Best Veal in the North End

We only cook and serve the highest quality meats, which includes veal, and ours comes stuffed so you’re getting some extra flavor. Along with the prosciutto, our veal also include Fontina which is a delicious Italian cheese that adds a sweet flavor.

The Veal Milanese Caprese is a Battered Pervimi veal topped with chopped caprese tomator salad. This is perfect for those who are seeking a lighter option while also getting a decent amount of protein.

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